Does PEMF Therapy Really Work?

What is PEMF Therapy?

Simple explanation

You may be wondering if PEMF Therapy really works. In this article, I will show that it does. PEMF therapy is a low-intensity and comfortable pulsed electronic magnetic field (PEMF) technology that increases the flow of blood to help accelerate healing and speed the recovery process in the body. PEMF therapy has been in use for over 30 years with thousands of satisfied customers. The good news is that the PEMF modality is recognized by conventional western medicine as an effective treatment for pain relief, edema reduction, and other ailments. The research is clear. PEMF mat users report reduced pain and better sleep, as well as faster recovery from injuries. In fact, there are more than 10,000 peer-reviewed studies supporting the healing benefits of pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs).


Evidence shows that Pulsed Electronic Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) reduces pain

Clinical proof

The study “A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial using a low-frequency magnetic field in the treatment of musculoskeletal chronic pain”. The study was funded by the Ontario Research and Development Challenge Fund, Canadian Institute of Health Research, Fralex Therapeutics Inc, and Lawson Health Research Institute), and the University of Western Ontario Interdisciplinary Pain Programtates. It concluded that a 25% reduction in VAS pain severity can be achieved with PEMF therapy treatments.

Another study showed subjects saw a 30% reduction in pain scores. You can read more about this study here:


Proof that PEMF Therapy Reduces Inflammation

Studies show

A recent clinical study, published in the Journal of Inflammation Research, shows that Pulsed Electronic Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) reduces inflammation. This study confirms that PEMF works to reduce pain and inflammation. Within two hours of treatment with the PEMF device, patients who were recovering from surgery showed a significant reduction in inflammation. https://ulsed Electronic Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) reduces inflammation

PEMF Shown to Accelerate Healing

Medical evidence

The PEMF device is a non-invasive, drug-free, and side effect–free treatment that uses pulsed electronic magnetic field therapy to accelerate the healing process and relieve muscle pain. Research has shown that PEMF therapy accelerates healing by stimulating tissue regeneration, increasing blood flow, reducing tissue inflammation, and edema, improving local circulation and restoring damaged nerve function.

In a clinical study of chronic diabetic foot ulcer patients, the use of PEMF therapy showed improved healing.

There are a number of similar studies, one,and%20promoted%20circulation%20%5B6%5D.found significant improvement as did study.

Proof PEMF Promotes Bone Healing

Well documented.

Pulsed Electronic Magnetic Field Therapy accelerates bone regeneration. The healing potential of PEMF therapy has been proven through studies and clinical trials carried out by universities, hospitals and independent institutions throughout the world.  It works by increasing blood flow to the bone and promoting bone growth and repair. One study shows safe and effective treatment for nonunions of bone.,between%2073%25%20and%2085%25.

PEMF therapy definitely can reduce pain and improve your quality of life. it works by balancing the electrical charge of your cells which allows them to function optimally. PEMF has been shown in numerous studies to be beneficial for a wide range of conditions including reducing pain, reducing inflammation, accelerated healing of soft tissues, and promoting healing of bone fractures. If you would like to experience some of these benefits yourself, one of these PEMF mats would be a good choice.

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