HealthyLine PEMF Mat Reviews

healthyline pemf mat review

HealthyLine PEMF Mat Reviews:

HealthyLine is one of the newer companies that I reviewed. But surprisingly they have the most complete line of products. They combine PEMF therapy with Far Infrared technology. And because of that, it has amazing results. I noticed a difference after using the mat one time.

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HealthlyLine PEMF Mat Description

The HealthlyLine mats are very different from other PEMF mats for sale. This is not just PEMF a machine. They use precious stones such as jade, amethyst, obsidian, and tourmaline. When these stones are heated they emit far-infrared rays (fir). These rays can penetrate your body up to three inches. It is like using a very high-end heating pad. But, the combination of FIR and PEMF is so much more effective. You can find more information on the benefits of far-infrared rays here.


HealthyLine has a full line of products, unlike any other PEMF manufacturer. They have many sizes of mats. From small mats to full-size mats of various sizes. The full-size mats range from 60″x24″ up to king-size bed size. And my favorite, a chair PEMF mat. In addition, these various-sized mats come in a variety of GEM stone combinations.

Their PEMF mats have much more intensity than the high-priced Bemer.

These Mats Are Much Better Than Most PEMF Mats

Many of the Healthyline products offer more than PEMF Therapy, they have 5 therapies to insure that penetrating deep into the tissues alleviates pain. I am sure that you will be more than satisfied with the product.


What is Inside a HealthyLine Mat

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HealthyLine Corporate Information

The HealthyLine company was started in 2013. They are based in New York.

They claim to have the world’s largest selection of heated natural gemstone therapy mats. And if you look at their website, you will probably agree.

Many of their competitors have one or two models. But HealthyLine has the largest line of PEMF and therapy mats that I have seen. They have over 100 products to choose from.

HealthyLine quickly became the industry leader by combining different technologies, such as infrared (FIR), pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF), negative ions, photon light, and magnetic therapy. And by pricing them low compared to some of the other manufacturers.

HealthyLine Sales Model

You can order the PEMF device on their website, in the Healthyline New York City Store, on Amazon, and from various affiliates. In addition, you can find a list of affiliates here:

Most importantly, you can get 10% off if you order them here:  **** Save 10% when you enter discount code lp10s ****

HealthyLine Marketing Message

The market message is about:

  • Managing Chronic Pain
  • Improving Blood Circulation
  • Decreasing Inflammation
  • Improving Blood Circulation
  • Reducing Fatigue
  • Detoxifying the Body


HealthyLine Recommended Therapy Time:

The recommended therapy is at least 20 minutes once a day. But you can use it all night long.

HealthyLine PEMF Intensity:

This mat is a high-intensity PEMF device. The maximum intensity is 3 gauss. On the other hand, Bemer PEMF is rated at only .35 gauss. So, it is almost 1000 times more powerful than the Bemer.

HealthyLine Models and Price

There are too many models to list here, over 50. And, they start at $159 and the most expensive is $2,950. In addition, a full-size PEMF mat is only $999. Which makes it one o

Many of HealthyLine competitors have one or two models. For example, Bemer has 2 models and BioBalance has only one mode.

HealthyLine Warranty and Trial Policy

This PEMF machine has a 1-year warranty and for a small price, you can upgrade to a 5-year warranty. I personally have experienced how the company handles warranties. My mat developed a problem and the infrared heat quit working. Even though it was way over the warranty period by six months, they gladly replaced it.

One unique offering they have is an unlimited guaranteed upgrade. You can trade any HealthlyLine device for another product of equal or greater value and you will receive a 50% discount. No other manufacturer has this option!

They have a great return policy. So, the merchandise can be returned up to 90 days after the purchase. No restocking fee.

**** I think this company beat all others when it comes to warranty in my experience. ****



In conclusion, these PEMF units are high-powered. And, in addition, the price is one of the least inexpensive. In addition, you get more than just a PEMF device, they offer far-infrared and negative Ion capabilities also. Therefore, these are the mats that I most recommend. This is the brand of mat that I use every day.


pemf thumbs up rating


pemf thumbs up rating


pemf review

Return Policy

pemf thumbs up rating

Company and Policies

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Here Are A Few Of My Favorite Healthyline PEMF Mats

 HealthyLine TAO 7224 Desc List $995
tao full mat 2Full-size PEMF mat that uses 4 gemstones to deliver healing therapy to your entire body. Includes PEMF, negative ion, far-infrared, and heat therapy.Details
 HealthyLine TAO Chair Desc List $549
tao-chair-angle-view-2PEMF Mat that you can use from a seated position. Combination of 4 healing effects of gemstones with PEMF therapy. Use at home or work.

THIS IS THE MAT I USE EVERY DAY – read my review here
 HealthyLine TAJ 7224 Desc List $1,049
Tourmaline-Amethyst-Jade-Mat-Full-TAJ7224-Firm-Photon-Light-PEMF-InframatPro-2-e1537903979967Full-size PEMF mat that uses 3 gemstones to deliver 5 healing therapies to your entire body. Includes Photon, PEMF, negative ion, far-infrared, and heat therapy.Details
 HealthyLine TAJ 3220 Desc List $499
Tourmaline-Amethyst-Jade-Mat-Medium-TAJ3220-Firm-Photon-Light-PEMF-InframatPro-12Medium-size PEMF mat that uses 3 gemstones to deliver 5 healing therapies to your entire body. Includes Photon, PEMF, negative ion, far-infrared, and heat therapy.Details
 HealthyLine TAO 1818 Desc List $159
Small PEMF Tourmaline-Amethyst-Obsidian-Mat-Small-1818-Soft-2718″x18″  PEMF mat that includes PEMF, negative ion, far-infrared, and heat therapy. Used 4 gemstones to deliver healing therapy to a small area of your body.Details
 HealthyLine Mesh JT Mat Full 7224  Desc List $379

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Jade-Tourmaline-Mesh-014A-Mat-Full-7224-Soft-InframatPro-172″ x 24″ x 1.2″ (180 cm x 60 cm x 3 cm)  This is NOT a PEMF mat but does have several other effective therapies
Deep Penetrating Far Infrared Rays Therapy
Calming Negative Ion Therapy
Relaxing Hot Stone Therapy
154 pieces of jade and tourmaline
 HealthyLine TAJ-Mat Full 7224 Desc List $1049

**** Save 10% when you enter discount code lp10s ****

Tourmaline-Amethyst-Jade-TAJ-Mat™-Full-7224-Firm-Photon-PEMF-InfraMat-Pro®-1-172″ x 24″ x 1.2″ (180 cm x 60 cm x 3 cm)  13 lbs of natural amethyst gemstones
51 tourmaline ceramic gemstones
34 natural jade gemstones
Negative ion levels of at least 1500/cc
Far infrared levels of at least 5-14 um
PEMF frequency of 7.8 Hz (operated independently)
Photon light at a wavelength of 660 nm (operated independently), 60 LEDs
 HealthyLine PlatinumTAJ-Mat Full 7224 Desc List $2000

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Tourmaline-Amethyst-Jade-TAJ-Mat™-Full-7224-Firm-Photon-PEMF-InfraMat-Pro®-1-172″ x 24″ x 1.2″ (180 cm x 60 cm x 3 cm)  13 lbs of natural amethyst gemstones
51 tourmaline ceramic gemstones
34 natural jade gemstones
Negative ion levels of at least 1500/cc
Far infrared levels of at least 5-14 um
PEMF frequency of 7.8 Hz (operated independently)
Photon light at a wavelength of 660 nm (operated independently), upgrade to 60 photon lights
 HealthyLine Platinum Mat
Chair 4018
 Desc List $1300

**** Save 10% when you enter discount code lp10s ****

Platinum_Chair-1-507x50740″ x 18″ x 1.5″ (100 cm x 45 cm x 4 cm)
Gemstones heat up to 160 F (70 C)
Far Infrared rays wavelength range is 5-14 μm
Wellness Enhancing PEMF with changeable:
Waveform (Sine, Square),
Frequency (1 to 30Hz with 7.83 Hz default)
Pulse duration (medium, fast, ultra-fast)
Intensity (10% to 100% Settings)
Time (20 min, 1 Hr)
60 Rejuvenating Photon Lights, 660 nm
Calming Negative Ion Therapy, up to 3000/cc
Amethyst, Tourmaline, Obsidian, Jade, and
 HealthyLine Amethyst Pad 3618 Desc List $399

**** Save 10% when you enter discount code lp10s ****

Amethyst-Pad-055A-Medium-3618-Soft-Photon-InframatPro-1236″ x 18″ x 1.2″ (90 cm x 45 cm x 3 cm)
5 lbs of crushed natural amethyst gemstones
Negative ion levels of at least 700/cc
Far infrared levels of at least 5-14 um
Photon light at a wavelength of 660 nm (Operated independently)

Shop HealthyLine Discounted Products:

Go to the HealtlyLine website and look for bundles for additional savings and Save another 10% when you enter discount code lp10s
Here is an example bundle

Why Healthyline?

Top Reasons to Shop From HealthyLine

90-Day Return Policy
Take up to 90 days to experience the wellness benefits of your purchase. If you are not satisfied within 90 days, you can send it back to us for a full refund. (Bedding – 7 days)

90-Day Price Guarantee
We will match any sale price within 90 days of your purchase. If you brought it, and we later place it on sale within 90 days of your purchase, we will give you a rebate of the price difference. 

Up to 5-Year Warranty
If your far infrared mat has a manufacturer’s defect, you can obtain a free replacement (or refurbished) product when claimed within 5 years of your purchase. (Select products only)

Lifetime Trade-In/Upgrade Policy
For life, you can trade in or upgrade your far infrared mat for an advanced new mat. Restrictions apply. See warranty page

Wellness Products for The Entire Family
There’s no better gift than the gift of wellness. Imagine the feeling of knowing that you were contributing to enhancing the health and wellness of a loved one. 

Shop Now, Pay Later
Can’t wait to experience the wonderful wellness benefits…then DON’T! Use Sezzle to split your entire order into 4 interest-free payments over 6 weeks.


What are the benefits of using HealthyLine PEMF mat?

 HealthyLine PEMF mat is a revolutionary product that can help improve overall physical and mental health. This mat uses pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) technology to promote relaxation, reduce pain, and boost energy levels. Many of their mats include 5 therapies.

The benefits of using HealthyLine PEMF mat are numerous. It helps to improve circulation, reduce inflammation and increase oxygen levels in the body. It can also help reduce stress and anxiety, as well as aid in the healing process of injuries. Additionally, it has been found to improve sleep quality by promoting deeper and more restful sleep. And pain relief, pain management, and complete wellness experience.

The use of HealthyLine PEMF mat is not only beneficial for physical health but also for mental health. It has been shown to help with depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, and even Alzheimer’s disease. The calming effects of the mat have been known to help those suffering from PTSD or panic attacks as well.

Overall, the numerous benefits of using HealthyLine PEMF mat make it a great tool for improving overall physical and mental health. It is easy to use and can be used at home or on the go making it an ideal choice for anyone looking for improved wellness.

What Therapies Are Included?

HealthlyLine PEMF has these additional features that many mats do not include depending upon which model you choose:

  • gemstone infrared therapy using natural jade and tourmaline and amethyst gems
  • light therapy
  • far infrared heating pad
  • red light therapy in the Photon Inframat Pro
  • soft mat options such as the Rainbow Chakra mat
  • firm mat options such a as TAJ-mat full 7224

How Does PEMF Work?


“Inside PEMF mat they’re electrical coils and when electricity passes through there creates a magnetic field that moves through the body. And it talks in whispers to the 75 trillion cells in your body. Going deep into your body places where sports creams and heating pads could never reach. It activates these ions these charged particles and their proteins there and their signals in there stir these things up. And these charged particles bring in nutrients but they also begin to influence things like blood supply now when the blood vessels are going in here the red blood cells are actually stacked see they’re stacked like that they’re not supposed to be stacked when they’re irritated that happens so when you pass magnetic fields through there that yellow line it opens up the blood vessel it breaks apart these blood cells they’re not stacked like coins so you can get deep healing better oxygen supply so the healing process takes place. ” Dr. Oz

HealthyLine’s PEMF waveform is pulse sinusoidal and reaches 2 feet in all directions. Smaller mats have two coils inside them and are used to target a certain area of the body. Larger mats have between 6-8 coils making them an excellent choice for receiving full-body PEMF treatment.





Magnetic fields that are in motion on the other hand are generated by the movement of electrons which is what happens in wires carrying current. So equipment designed to carry current or to conduct electrical current through a wire as in a loop coil will create specially designed electromagnetic fields called time-varying magnetic fields or pulsed electromagnetic fields. PEMF therapy coils are designed in such a way as to maximize the magnetic field produced by the wires conducting current in the coil they are usually loops of either a single wire or multiple loops of wire so single wire or multiple loops of wire. The number of turns of a wire determines the intensity and the strength of the magnetic field coming through that particular coil.” Dr. William Pawluk, MD






Do Healthyline PEMF Mats Really Work?








How Do Healthyline PEMF Mats Compare to Bemer?


Healthyline PEMF mats are more powerful and lower cost than Bemer mats. How can that be you ask? Bemer is sold via a multi-level marketing program similar to Amway. So, there are more markups than a direct manufacturer such as Healthlyline. In addition, most Healthyline mats have several other therapies in addition to the PEMF such as negative ION and FIR. These additional therapies make the therapy time much more effective.

I have a more detailed review of Bemer on this page:



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I recommend you buy Healthlyline from the Healthlyline website. Don’t forget to use my discount coupon. It is in my opinion the top of the line of any of the mats on the market today. The Infrared heat therapy is one of the reasons I recommend this mat. Laying on the mat every day will improve your overall health. 

I recommend this mat, you can read here why I claim it is the best option.  This lower-price mat is great because you can use it while you are working on your computer, reading a book, or watching tv. This mat is great for newbies because it takes away any excuse not to use it.

pemf fixs on office chair

PEMF Therapy Mat – TAO PEMF Chair 4018 — My Choice For Best Value