PEMF Mat Reviews

best pemf mat brands
Discover the top PEMF brands in the market today and learn about their features, benefits, and customer reviews. Find the perfect PEMF mat for your needs and improve your health and wellness.

Top PEMF Mat Brands

Pulsed Harmonix PEMF mat
The Pulsed Harmonix A2500 Home is a PEMF therapy device for home use. It offers a safe and simple way to stimulate and repair cells at the deepest level just like many of the other pulsed electromagnetic field mats I have reviewed.  Pulsed Harmonix Company Information The company behind the […]

Pulsed Harmonix PEMF Mat Review

HigherDose Mat Review
Who is HigherDose? If you are like me, you are seeing ads and articles about HigherDose (HD) PEMF mats. But honestly, I didn’t know they existed before the fall of 2022. So, I decided to find out who they are. Here is what I found. HigherDose is a wellness company […]

HigherDose PEMF Mat Review

best affordable pemf device
How much does a PEMF machine cost? There are many different PEMF devices on the market. Some of which are affordable, and others that have a high price tag. The price ranges from a few hundred dollars to twenty thousand dollars. With such a huge difference in price, making a […]

What is the Best Affordable PEMF Devices?

how to pick a pemf mat
PEMF therapy, which stands for pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, has been gaining popularity in recent years as people look to alternative treatment methods to help with their pain management, sleep disorders, and overall health. PEMF therapy involves wearing a PEMF mat while relaxing or sleeping at night. There are many […]

How To Pick A PEMF Mat

bemer pemf review
In this article, I will review one of the best know PEMF mats and compare it to a less-known pulsed electromagnetic field therapy mat on the market today. Bemer PEMF Starter-Set BioBalance Price $5,285 $2,450 Warranty 3 years, 6 mo on the controller 1-year mat, 2-year on the controller Trial […]

Bemer PEMF Comparison to BioBalance PEMF Mat

If you are looking for a PEMF Photon therapy mat that is a little smaller and less expensive, this is one that you need to pay attention to. A great choice if you want to just concentrate on treating a specific area such as the lower back. List price $499 […]

Healthyline PEMF Photon Therapy Mat